Hot Hot Coffee

Hot Hot Coffee
story. >> can i get a hot chocolate and small coffee, please? >> how money? >> no, black. >> rorter: millions of people use a drive-thru cup of coffee if a pick me up. a steaming hot sendoff to work or to their dallier raps not supposed to send them to the hospital. >> a cup of coffee can is gig gur your body, that is ridiculous. >> reporter: they pulled up to a dunkin doughnuts in south suburban lancing to get coffee she popped the tab so she could sip it slowly the lid came off spilling the coffee into her lap. i told them, i am burp. i pull my pants back. i said get me the emergency room. s that the last i remember. >> she black out like from emotion, from the hot coffee, so i just got her to the hospital as fast as i could. >> reporter: the doctors told her she had second-degree burns which could take months to heal. i could not walk. if i did walk, i had to walk with my legs wide op



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