Hot Dog Rollups

Hot dog rollups
a fun dinner. my kids go crazy over something that they actually invented. they think they invented. ireland’s hot dog rollups. take a look how we make them. even growups like them, too. >> hi everybody. today i’m going to make one of my favorite recipes, hot dog rollups. they’re so simple. my brother loves them and my friends can’t get enough of them. we start out with one tube of crescent rolls. then to make it even better, 4 slices of cheese and we cut them in half. 8 hot dogs. now let’s put them together. you want to line your pan with tinfoil. and just use some cooking spray so they don’t stick. now, i’ve already a can of crescent rolls. and they pop right on you. with the lime. here we go. you can just kind of roll them out. be kind of careful. they’re a little bit fragile. we’ve got 8 separate triangles. now, let’s start on these things. put one slice of cheese. get a hot dog and



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