Hot Dog Macaroni Bake

A recipe for left over hot dogs from your holiday weekend. Mike really loves it!
>> and it is the day after july 4th and we have hot dogs for you. >> and the hot dogs and the base. >> doesn’t that sound tempting? >> here is the magical ingredients you’ll need a couple of packages of dry macaroni and cheese a pound of — sorry a loaf of processed cheese food. that doesn’t sound healthy. >> nor good for you. >> one package of hot dogs of course use what you’ve already got left over slice them up two cups of frozen green peas thawed up and one green onion. thanks to allrecipes for that. you’ll need a couple of cans of tomato sauce a couple of cans of cream of celery soup and salt and pepper to taste and while you are preparing the oven to 350 stir up the peas soup, onions throw in your seasonings and voila doesn’t that look april ties something. >> that looks — wow. >> you put it in a baking dish. you put it in a baking dish and cover it and let it go for a few?รง minu



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