Host Chat – Joy, Tom, And Nancy Miller! – 9/25/17

Host Chat – Joy, Tom, and Nancy Miller! – 9/25/17
[?] >> joy: hi, everybody and welcome to a special edition of “ozarks live!.” this is the restaurant show. how are we doing? >> guest: well. very well. it’s warm today. but it feels good in here. >> joy: it’s warm today, but feels good in here. i think it feels good outside. >> tom: i’ve been waiting for this show for awhile personally, because i’ve heard so much. and well, it’s chicago. that’s kind of my stomping grounds. and i know there’s food there. >> guest: there’s lots and lots. so much food. >> joy: you may have noticed our local restaurant guru nancy miller is here. nancy and i had an adventure earlier in the show at the national restaurant association show. >> guest: i’ve never been to the show. i didn’t know how huge it was. lots of local folks from different states. big corporations. lots of innovation. it was really cool. >> joy: you see the really, really large companies th



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