Horseshoe Casino Chef

Chef Chris Baulo shows you how to use your Thanksgiving leftovers.
>> mike: it’s thaiftion thanks gives. you find yourself, the door open, and considering treating yourself to something other than a cold turkey sandwich. >> mike: we’re thrilled to welcome chef chris baulo. before we get to this left over masterpiece. how did you get interested in cooking? >> growing up at home, my dad cooked. every sunday. that’s how i got interested. >> mary: you two might know a thing about that. >> mary: where did you go to school. >> johnson, and wells. >> mary: how long have you been at horseshoe. >> the company, ten years, and horseshoe, a year-and-a-half. >> mike: you have some great food. are you the genius. >> i walked into that, before, they’ve had great food. i guess, the recent stuff i am. >> mary: what’s the challenge. before you show us, what we’re making, what is the chalenge, and why do we settle for the obvious? why don’t we reinvest — >> people are co



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