Honey Lemon Salmon From Dockside

Recipe from Dockside Restaurant
dockside seafood & grill in n branford, that is the place to the nfl be. sisters and owners tracey and susan make sure that every meal they serve is special. look at the view of the sunset from the dock there. that is what you are seeing. >> absolutely gorgeous. tracey and susan are back with us to share another great dockside recipe. an welcome back to the show.d af >> thank you.ter >> what have you brought and 13 yea what are we making?rs i >> we will make the honey lemonn the nfl salmon, and se of the salads that we offer at the restaurant this summer. >> and this is the time of year for both things, nice, fresh seafood like that, and salad, and see the sunset which we have finally been able to see. >> finally, absolutely. walk us through some of the ingredients that you brought today. you can do this meal in less than ten minutes.and af >> ten minutes at home, very, ter very easy



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