Honey Is Nature’s Gift!

Honey is Nature’s Gift!
>> meaghan: with september being national honey month, it’s the ideal time to showcase the benefits of nature’s versatile gift. the bestselling author robin keilis has some gifts to help you get down to a balanced, healthy, and beautiful lifestyle. what are some benefits of real, raw, and unfiltered honey. >> first off, choose real honey and that you understand the difference. because not all honey is actually created equal. some big brand honeys contain high-fructose corn syrup, sometimes fillers or sometimes even pesticides. you want to choose a natural, real, 100% pure alternative. that’s one also raw and unfiltered like nature mates. and i love using it in any recipe that calls for sugar, any recipe that needs a little sweetness or brightness of flavor. my favorite is stir-fries, salad dressings are really wonderful. it’s really so versatile, and it’s actually sweeter than sugar, so



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