Honey Inspired Recipes

Lisa Lewey-Shields shares a variety of honey dishes.
guitar festival kicking off thursday concert saturday, roxana brian in the cikitchen. lisa louis shields has been buzzing around. these are all recipes inspired by honeybees, pollinators. tell us what came out of the oven. >> those are barbecued honey chicken thighs. you can make your own barbecue sauce. you can do all kinds of things. don’t pay for it at the store. >>heather: i spoiled my supper with all of the crackers and snacks i’ve been eating. you. you also liked the honey sesame sticks. >>heather: i loved it all lisa. >> carrots. so easy to make. that is the catchp with honey a lemon. >>heather: my family hates me on tuesdays because i always come home full and they are on their own.



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