Hometown Treats At The Taste Of Buffalo

Hometown treats at the Taste of Buffalo
family. scattered downpours earlier today seemed to water down the crowds at this year’s taste of buffalo. but, as news 4’s michele mcclintick tells us, some hungry visitors braved the rain, to enjoy some hometown treats. ((mac hartman-taste of buffalo board member-it’s important for people to know we operate rain of shine )) and rain it did…if you could find shelter, it was the most popular place to be early afternoon for the taste of buffalo. this whole family fit underneath this umbrella. ((nat-that’s what it is a family umbrella, you need that on day like this..yep! )) ((dwayne davis-mobay’s restaurant-it rained every year that we’ve come here people don’t really go anywhere, people in buffalo love to eat so the rain isn’t much of a deterant )) but the crowd is much thinner because of the heavy rain. ((rita sabharwahl-tandoori’s-in all the years maybe about 5 times always there’s o



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