Homemade Vegetarian Chili

Homemade Vegetarian Chili
<<chef marc daniels: “hi welcome to savor food and life where healthy recipes and great living come together. today we have a healthy chili and i have dr. michael blanc with me.” dr. michael blanc: “another wonderful dish marc. i know the school year is coming up because i had to get mrs. blanc a new crock-pot. she does crock-pot dishes for all through the school year to make sure the kids have something heart healthy when they come home from school and i think this is going to go right at the top of her list of new things to try.” chef marc daniels: “crock-pot, insta-pot, all the different pots that you can use for it. this is easy. it’s healthy. we’re gonna start with a little olive oil.” dr. michael blanc: “yes, absolutely.” chef marc daniels: “and you need to sauté your vegetables. so, we have your red onion, which you’re a big fan of.” dr. michael blanc: “love the red onions.



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