Homemade Ravioli

Homemade ravioli from Carmela Castiglione.
box but we’re making it from ratch. we brought in an exper t team and mother a nd daughter team from the sons and daughters of italy of north haven.v we have carmella casliglione and laura sabatino. ladies, welcome.w good to see you >>: happy to be here. >> we are excited to w have you here because we are making pasta, is that right? >> yes, we are. >> and we were talking earliere,i it is kind of s a dying art, you’re not findi ng folks making pasta from scratchs any more. >> that’s right. r >> is it difficult? >> it is not difficult but it is time and it makes a mes. but it is fun. >> i’m all floured up. your mother made it with her mother and she makes it with you. >> that’s right. we try to convincec the people that the cultu tre, the italian culture is w orth keeping up because the culture, it is a dying thing. people aren’t keeping up with the italian traditions. >> let’s get staert



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