Homemade Pickles

Homemade pickles
peacock shows his secrets for crunchy, flavorful pickles. >> i’m nancy hopkins with “better homes and gardens.” heim here with scott peacock. >> we’re going to use pick will cucumbers. these are excellent. you slice them into even slices, oh, about a quarter inch or so. we have a big bowl sliced up already. we have some thinly sliced onion and we put some salt. you can use pickling salt but kocher salt works well. don’t use i diesed salt. that will make for a cloudy, off-color pick will. do thre tablespoons or so of kosher salt. thens to these together. — thens to these together. then tos s these together. we want them as crisp and chilled as they can. that’s what makes a crisp pick will. bread and butter pickles are so simple to make you can do them in an afternoon. this is a a good way to start. we put a plate ongoing top to help pres it down. again, draw out the excess moisture. put



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