Holiday Recipes: Seafood Salad

A different twist on your holiday meal… adding seafood to your salad for the holidays!
>> thanks a who. if you are going to be packing your kids lunch for school, keep it headlighty and work in a labor seafood salad this is linda and salvador who brought in the recipe for seafood salad. and as linda described to me, you were saying this could be a great team building for husbands and wives. >> yes. i do the prep work and chopping and the celery and the rad ishes. and — radishs and garlic. and the salt and pepper and this is the parsley we chop that and he grilled this earlier. shrimp and calamari. >> and when you get it ready and are prepping it, now the meats you use muscles calamari and shrimp but you can vary that. >> if you don’t like muscles use clams. >> sure. other grind cents if you want to hit that. >> radish. >> and phenyl and celery. and this is your parse — phenyl and parsley and lemon for the juice and muscles and we will steam them. >> in terms of prep time



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