Holiday Recipe: Frozen Cranberry Relish

Local viewer shares her favorite holiday recipe: Frozen Cranberry Relish
that works for you, “good morning, maryland” at nine. >>> all right. thanks for joing us this morning. and welcome back. we have been asking you for a while send us your recipes family treasures you pull out over the holidays. one of our viewers from columbia was kind enough to come in. thanks for coming. >> thanks for coming. >> >> cranberry is one my favorite. >> this is with a twist. >> yes. >> it has a twist easiest most basic dish you can make. if you can open a can and stir you can make it. >> that i can do. if you want to put me to work, go ahead. >> first you want to drain the pine apple one can of crushed pineapple. >> and while you are opening that, is there a history behind the recipe or is it special to you does it mean anything or something that everybody likes to eat night special to my family and date backs i think to the 1920s at least when migrate grandmother passed it o



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