Holiday Party Etiquette

How to say yes and no politely.
holiday parties and holiday company… and if you’re getting >> welcome back to “san antonio invitations to attend livi everyone’s party,ng.” it’s the season for holiday parties and company, and i but don’t know howf to say “no” politely…to not you’re getting invitations to only the party..but alcohol and some of attend everyone’s holiday party the food being served… but you m we have the someight want to say tips from our no etiquette expert, to one or two of those, how do you do that? our etiquette expert is here with us with tips on how to help us politely decline any information. i have got a lot of holiday invitations and i think people get upset when you have to say no because you diane gottsman… rec here’s someeive bulletshow to sayd no to a: ano party invitationther liquor dessert commonly ask holiday questions to add to the segment is if we need more time – take your pick:



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