Holiday Food Shopping Tips

Reporter Ashley Glass tells us which grocery stores will be open on Thanksgiving.
Reporter: barbara griffith is picking up just the groceries she needs now but she is holding off on the big thanksgiving meal shopping trip.nnWe are just a few days away and i haven’t made my list yet.nnReporter: she will get it done by 3:30 wednesday. That is the deadline to use the curb side program at the publix park. If you haven’t tried it yet thanksgiving shopping might be the right time since the first time is free. After that it is 8 bucks a load.nnI’ll be here.nnReporter: take note. All publix stores are closed on thanksgiving. So are target’s grocery stores. Not what tampa firefighter wants to hear. He has been cooking thanksgiving dinner for his fire station for 30 years and says every year on that day there is at least one item to grab.nnYou are in trouble. You better hope sweetbay is open.nnReporter: it is. Sweetbays are open until 5:00 p.m.nnThat is good as long as the shel



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