Holiday Food Segment

Holiday Food Segment
good morning, maryland” at nine. >>> all right. time to talk about grocery shopping. crystal is here she is a registered dietian. this is the time of year with you go crazy and it’s easier for people to eat on the run. >> absolutely. there’s just time crunching and stress situations, and constantly we are trying to figure out what are we doing for dinner. and i am speaking as a very busy mom in the registered dietitian. but sometimes the quick decision to eat out you know stinctively is not going to be the most healthy choice. >> right. >> so we need to talk about a few things that are healthy, easy and affordable to bring the family around the table. >> affordable is great because it’s when you worry about money. >> i love thanks giving. my favorite time to brit family around the big table but we should be thinking about bringing the family around the table for family meal as often as w



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