Holiday Cupcake Decorations

Learning how to decorate fun and festive cakes for this holiday season!
some holiday decorating tips. we have the woman for you to show us how to do these fran louse things we see right in front of us. good morning. >> hi, everybody. >> chris: i guess tips are the way to go. you say these are easy tips, even a 9-year-old could do them. >> a 9-year-old can do them. my daughters were working with me to get prepared for everything. what i did, if you are not a baker like i am, there are some things you can get prepared half prepared to get you on your way with. i will show you how to make this cute santa in a chimny. >> chris: there is no way that can be done easy. >> kalyea: that is adorable. >> we can finish one or do a whole one. we will use a pound cake from the grocer. you can use icing from a can. >> chris: dot pound cakes really weigh a pound. >> pound of butter, pound of — >> a pound of butter. >> yeah, there is a lot of stuff in there. you need your c



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