Holiday Cocktail Party Tips

Tips on throwing a memorable holiday cocktail party that won’t break your holiday budget.
apartment than at a bar or restaurant where they charge you hundreds of dollars sometimes a person for open bar and appetizers which you can do for so much cheaper. >> i don’t like that at all. the first big thing is glassware. we’re environmentalists. we don’t like the plastic any more. it’s really easy and unbelievably cheap to rent glasses. like 40 cents. >> it’s best to prepare in advance so when guests come you’re having fun with them, not in the kick enshaking cocktails or mixing punch. >> speaking of cocktails, let’s get to it. what do you have here? is this a signature drink? >> everything is our signature drinks. this is our wintry wine punch. >> which could not be easier to prepare. it’s basically a bottle of wine. you can use whichever wine you like. we have used a surrah. make a simple syrup with al spice, cinnamon and cloves. the whole recipe is on celebrations.com. glasswar



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