Holiday Cocktail And Brie Puff Recipe

From the Nino family
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” it’s an annual holiday recipe show, and this is like a holiday party at your house. >> it is, really is, we have a good time on the holidays. >> who does all of the cooking? you or dan? >> half and half. >> you know how to cook, too? >> i do. >> yes! >> i love all of these men who know how to cook. doesn’t happen too much. so we’re starting off with a drink, and i’m exciting about this because i love eggnog really bad. and you have special eggnog, what is this about? >> monica went to heb and bought me the southern comfort eggnog. it’s alcoholic. >> what a discovery! it comes without the alcohol but you can add it in. >> and you can add sailor jerry spiced yum. it has a really, really good flavor to it. >> i like that! and so what do you do? >> pour in about an ounces of any type of liquor that you like, and — >> he used to be a bartender. >> tha



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