Holiday Brunch Ideas

nicole from bittersweet shows us some great holiday brunch ideas
de pere. >> holiday brunch is becoming very popular these days and we want to share with you some fun and easy tips to serve your guests for the holiday brunch. and we would start by greeting your guests at the door with a fun, festive drink. this is a blood orange ma mosea. instead of just orange juice, what we have is a blood orange linkser. when you add — for non alcoholics, you can add a bit of separate to get it bub — sprite to get it bubbly, and you can add champagne. for the red color, we have fresh cranberries, and roast marry for the green. it’s a fun way to toast before your holiday brunch. iron addition to the benches, we have a couple fun appetizers for you to serve. people gather around the kitchen and they start talking and you might want to have a couple things out before you sit down. this is a wonderful brie that you can serve right with crackers. and what i love about



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