Holiday Appetizers

Simple and delicious appetizers perfect for your holiday party.
holiday menu. for a few fresh ingredients and cookingg tips, you have come to the right place. we have g.i.&j. family produce and savin rock roasting company. welcome back both 6 you. great to have you. yo >> nice to be heree. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> you brought a c ouple of different treats today to give us some ideas for the holidays.i what will we be making today, joe? jo >> we have ho liday apetizerser with a different flair. stuffed fenel, the way grandm other used to make, and the keyth ingredient toda y is goat cheese. >> and that is where you come in irene because g.i.&j. familauy produce has been around quite a while now,wh nseveral yerars, right? g >> five years. >> and y ou specialize in these really awesome c aheeses and produce and vegetables. >> yes. >> would you say at your place,c it is ope to the public. >> yes, it’s open to the public. >> and you’re of



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