Hodges University Diversity Fest

The Festival brings together a broad array of vendors, entertainers and local artisans representing the cultural diversity of the Naples and Ft. Myers communities.
Bring your family and appetite. It is time for only’s.nnYeast fourth annual diversity fest. Gail williams and carmen gomez are ready to start the festival early. Good morning.nnGood morning.nnFestival a big time good time this weekend. Ex lane what the diversity festival is and why does hodges university want to sponsor this and create this?nnThis is our fourth annual celebration of diversity and inclusion. It is all part of hodges culture. Our diversity initiative includes education the way we staff and do business. The festival is diversity initiative at work. We are reaching out to our community and trying to get everyone involved in this education celebration.nnSo you said this was the fourth annual but this year is going to be bigger and beter. There’s going to an lot of vendors there. Explain who is going to be there and why people should come, why it is going to be such a great ti



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