History Of Donuts From CBS Sunday Morning

CBS’s Cynthia Bowers fills in the holes about donuts, from Krispy Kreme to Dunkin Donuts, and local favorites.
mastering tradition is honorable and creating beauty is a life beautifully spent. >> reporter: this is sipt i can’t bowers. take a whiff. can’t you just smell it? there’s nothing like the aroma of a freshly made donut. it’s enough to put your senses into overdrive. >> we don’t really know who the original inventor is. >> reporter: perhaps that’s because the author of a history of the donut notes fried dough dates all the way back to the stone age. >> something dropped it in boiling oil and decided it was a del icious. >> reporter: delicious indeed and ever since donuts have been a cultural favorite around the world. when did donuts come to the united states? >> probably in the 18th century with dutch immigrants. >> reporter: they put something in the middle of them. >> often they put a nut or a plumb or something like that. >> reporter: that’s likely where the name donut came from. the p



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