Hillsborough Students Get A Taste Of What’s On New School Lu

School may be out for summer, but nearly 200 students were called back to take a test Wednesday — a taste test.
>> reporter: 180 kids specially selected to taste 22 new menu items being considered for next year’s lunch menu in hillsborough schools. everything from asian pasta salad and turkey pot roast to fried okra tots. the school district’s head lunch lady came up with a taste test idea for a simple reason. >> we thought it was a great idea to involve of course our customers telling us what they want to see on the menu next year. >> reporter: so for two hours students sniffed, sampled and surveyed. the idea is to find nutrition meals kids like. for example, asian pasta salad. >> i think the — [ inaudible ] >> reporter: brook wasn’t crazy about the buffalo chicken pizza either. >> i really didn’t like it because the buffalo didn’t really taste good. >> reporter: we should get survey results sometime next week. but perhaps you want a sneak preview. some of the early favorites are the turkey pot



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