High Tech Soda Fountain A Big Hit

A California Burger King is trying out a high-tech soda fountain.
(jay)filling your own cup may become fun for some if a new high-tech soda dispenser catches on.(cynthia)reporter tom duhain checks out one fast- food restaurant in sacramento, california, where it’s already being used. 3 it’s the freestyle, a surprisingly small dispenser developed by coca-cola, offering a big selection – 125 flavors.(– sot –)(christina geiger / customer:03)”i was wowed. really? i was wowed.”it been inside this burger king restaurant in the greenhaven area now for two months. the manager saysa&(– sot –) (george erskin / restaurant manager:03)”it’s been awesome, people really love it.”he says it takes at least one time for people to get used to it.the screen guides you through the unusual flavors of sodas, waters and energy drinks.(– sot –)(chris lew / customer:05)”i didn’t know that they had like all these different vault combinations. so i just put them all int



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