Hennings Cheese Factory

family owned henning’s cheese factory in Kiel.
excited to be here. how long have you been sneer. >> we’ve been here since 1914, so almost 100 years. >> what kind of cheese do you make, what are you moan for? >> we make mostly cheddar cheese, but we do colby, monterey jack, but we’re really known for our mammoth cheese that is range from 57-pound wheels to 1200 pounds. >> you’ve got a museum, but you can see on certain days the cheese makers in action, so a great day to take the kids out for a drive, pick up some chese and then see how it’s actually made. tell bus this room we’re in now. >> well, this museum is a collection of items that my dad has colected over the years. some of it, we used during our cheese making process, some of it came from neighboring cheese factories. so this would have ben equipment that would have been used in the, say, 1940s and 1950s. >> wow. so still family-run? >> yes, i’m a third-generation cheese maker



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