Hemenway’s Mixed Seafood Grill

We’re cooking Hemenway’s Mixed Seafood Grill with Chef Steven Long.
head into the kitche n now, where patrick is. what are we cooking thisoo t morning? >> we are cooking more seafood, this i s steven from theen newport restaurant st group. steven long, executive chef. steven is veryen tall. we have this fanth here, this big vent and that’s why i’m standing on this side, he’s s going to get cuffed if he sedtands too close. t >> i thought you were going too do all the cooking. >> have you seen the show? appa rently not. i do a loti of watching anofd w eating. temperature us what’s cooking this morning. >> we’re going t o do pan seared salmon with thai currie pesto. we are going to use cilantro, ginger, we’re going to do a cranberry walnut crusted halibut, with some nice walnuts and cranberries, and we’re goingng to do grilled swordfish with a lump crab, local asparagus sam add. >> oh my>> goodness. where is the lobster a the crab? ?you just got about every



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