‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Casting Call

Hit reality TV Show Hell´s Kitchen is looking for Chefs, 21 and over who want to show they are the best chefs around.nnFox is casting for America´s Best Chefs!
later in the show. ben? >> thanks so much, michelle. we see our fair share of great chefs here in “the rhoden show” kitchen each morning, but with chef gordon ramsey’s hy’it show, hell’s kitchen, heading to fox, i headed up tohe boston for the cast call and talked to go a few locals who want their w chef at t becoming a celebrityeb chef. often chefs go unseen by most, working out their recipes and perfecting their craft in the back of a crowded kitchen, but with a potential spot on a hit television series, these chefs need to show their personality. >> i think you need to stand out. you’re here and they’re only going to pick a handful of people, so you need to stand out, whether it’s voice, good looks, blue hair, whatever the case is, you need to be a personality. you need to make for good tv. >> despite what people maye say about the sometimes out landish and over the top gordon ramsey,



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