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Back-to-school breakfastnNutritious, easy, make ahead breakfasts
Welcome back. Here at “the morning blend” We love our mom squad member and we are happy to hear that apparently y’all at home love them, too.nnYeah. This is one of our viewer e-mails from candace coleman. She says i love the mom squad seg ams. I’m going to use the iron on for the birthday party favor. Keep us updated on cartoon if it goes to air. This is with stacie you made these. She taught you how to iron on anything you wanted, right?nnShe said i could do this just as soon as i learned how to iro iron.nnDo you not know how to iron?nnNot really. Can’t you tel by my clothes? This is a good project and god for birthday parties and back-to-school. All that that you might need.nnWe love our mom squad segment, too. It is real moms that are kind of doing these own things in their house and figuring out what work and being able to share it with other mom. Some of you at home maybe. Over the



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