Heirloom restaurant at The Study at Yale.
>> “heirloomh” is a restaurant, the luxury boutique restaurant from the study at yale. they use losecal ingredients and use local farms and producers. chef carey savona is here s to ta about coastal farming.a tell us what this coastal farming is all about. >> we li ke to call ourselvoes coastal farming because we like to support local farms as much as we can in the area. connecticut has a wealth of local farms and a lot of peopleo know about them but we try take it to the next feel that translates into coastal translates into coastalc cooking. >> with translate that as much ch as possible. >> what ingredients do we have? >> coastal corn, it is really hot so corn has come up quickeric this year so we will use ae cool buttermilk and corn soup with basil lime and crumble. we took some corn, shucked it and cleaned it and now we will add some milk to this here and make a corn brodo. >> pour t



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