Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

We’re cooking a nutritionally balanced meal for Thanksgiving with Gold’s Gym, featuring turkey breast, spinach and Egg whites, and sweet potatoes with applesauce.
always something interesting. thanks so much, court. let’s head over to the kitchen. patrick is cooking with gold’s gym. >> i’m here with patrick an henry. they’re goingth to talk about healthy eating. you guys have healthierhi altern ative, but still tastes good, right?, t? >> absolutely. normally you do the creamed spinach or the sweet potatoo casser ole with marshmallows. this gives you alternatives and a little bit of a substitute for r the high calorie staluff. >> what do yout suggest, what can you eat, because i like all the bad stuff. >> 10 ounces of turkey, you’re only getting your saturated fats sfrom t he turkey and a littletl bit of apple sauce. s .>> you said you have something going on forin people that eat toot much on thanksgiving day. >> if you eat too much, you can come in on f riday i and it’s at’ free day for everyone. >> black friday, gold’s gymm if east greenwich and



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