Healthy Summer Tea

Healthy summer tea
>> you want to steep the tea. i have all the green tea bags. you want to steep the tea bags. while that’s steepg, stir in some honey. ten minutes. i take the handy tongs that you have in your drawer, no doubt, and removing them so you can squeeze out that wonderful tea. i’m going to transfer this to a pitcher. we have just a little honey in the bottom. i’m going to add orange juice. you can also use tangerine juice, depending on what you like the best. here’s some lemon juice. you can use lime juice. stir that in. stir that together. it has a green tea lok to it. the juice is chilled. it’s ready to go. now it’s time to engineer the drinks. start with some nice ice. oh cool. (cable guy) so what are you going to do next? who are you? who is he? it’s okay. well, i’m



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