Healthy Recipes Using Superfoods For Swimsuit Season

Slim down for Summer
and grill. >> that’s true. >>> speaking of grilling, i have some coming up. >> we’re talking about the pool, grilling and swimsuit season. we’re also going to be talking to a chef here with sun fair. we’re talking — welcome, by the way. i feel bad you have to stand in front of the hot grill. >> that’s all right. thank you very much. >> we were talking about grilling. the foods we put into our body and how we prepare them can help us looo better in our swimsuit. >> absolutely. with the season approaching, we want to share with you what we do to take the fat out of our diet. the first thing we like to do is grill our meat. all that excess fat will be dripping off the meet and thrown into the grill. you will not be eating it. that’s one of the keys to cut your fat. another thing we do, whenever we season our food, whener we use olive oil for anything, keep it in a spray bottle. that will g



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