Healthy Pancakes

Healthy pancakes
just elongate everything. >> thank you, very much. >>> another way to feel good about yourself, have a healthy breakfast. it’s the most important meal of the day and it’s getting a makeover from erin. >> who says breakfast needs to be boring or unhealthy? erin bake hear a better idea. >> i’m in the kitchen with the queen of breakfast, healthy breakfast, no doubt. erin baker. what are we making? >> we’re making my mom’s famous power protein pancakes. >> these are healthy? >> super healthy and so easy to make. no one would have an excuse not to do it. >> just four ingredients into the blender. >> half a cup of raw oats. the four this is one you want to put in first. it needs the most blending. second take almond meal. you can buy this at the store. this is 15 ounces of nonfat cottage cheese. you can use low fat or whole. i use the nonfat. whom container. right n. six eggs. you can crack th



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