Healthy Lunches

Melissa Rector from Gold’s Gym talks about the importance of healthy lunches for kids.
on in the show. >> today in project fitness, the kids are b ack in schl, instead of throwing chips and juice inside a lunch box for a pail, it’s not healthy, joininglt us today to talk about more balanced meals for kids is melissa rechter from gold’s gym and we have elias and carter. you guys look like the perfect brothers to eat a good healthy meal hand we’re going to make one for you right now. melissa, why is it so importanto for kids to get a goodod meal. >> kids need lots ofs energy to make it through a long day of school, so if you feed them sugar, they’re going to crash early on, so if you start breakfast with sugar, they’re not going to be able to focus in school and lunch. especially like theseth guys, theyth love soccer. can youca make shawn on a log. this is good snack. a good snack w ith peanut butter, gives you a fruit serving andng vegetable serving.ve >> so peanut butter i



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