Healthy Italian Recipes

Healthy italian recipes
like me, your favorite foods are not the ones that are the most healthy. rhiannon is in the kitchen with a woman who wants you to know that eating well doesn’t have to mean giving up flavor or foods that we love. >> i’m here with janet zappola, emmy winning tv reporter turned healthy eating guru. “my italian kitchen,” she is giving a healthy twist on some of our favorite italian recipes. >> that’s right. >> we are excited to get cooking. you have had a great career in television. . >> thank you. >> what made you decide to become a chef? >> i loved it for so many years. this business is wonderful. you have a passion for it and every day you do something different. the excitement never ends. but i had other passions, and one is cooking and healthful eating. i wanted to make sure that before i die — you know, the way we eat, you really make sure that you add a few years on to your life. th



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