Healthy Ice Cream

Healthy ice cream
school lunches. new, strict guidelines are forcing schools to make those meals healthy. and one local ice cream company says their tasty treat passes state regulations. new at six– eyewitness eyewitness news reporter stephen schuler explains what makes the ingredients healthy. 6:38 – after fifty different recipes and a year of trying – the warwick ice cream company is making the sweet treat available for local school children – in a much healthier way. these cups might look like any of warwick ice cream companys frozen desserts from over their 85 years in business. but with secret ingredients and an original technique – the product is low in fat and sugar – without any artifical sweetener. barry newman, warwick ice cream company x50:36 – were very proud..that no one else has got. the company spent months testing different ways to adapt their ice cream within new, stricter state regulati



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