Healthy Holiday Cookies

Part III of Kayle’s no bake healthy holiday cookies.
>> kalyea: so after we are done boiling this, we are going to let it rest one minute. >> cis: hi there. didn’t see you there, sorry. >> kalyea: and then we’re going toed a the rest of our incede ents you keep stirring and i will add three cups of oats. these are just quick oats. >> no wild oats. >> there we go. three cups. we will stir those in and then we need to add our vanilla which is just one teaspoon. this looks good, doesn’t it. >> chris: it is, i think what is great, clever, is you are using the bana instead of the butter. >> kalyea: the only bad thing in here is sugar. so it’s really, these are really healthy for you. >> chris: yeah. sugar is the worst thing in there then are you doing pretty good. >> kalyea: definitely. >> chris: you seem like you want to do something. >> kalyea: no, i’m watching your stirring technique. >> chris: you seem like, that is the look i get from my w



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