Healthy Foods For Craving

How to cure your cravings and stay healthy
>>> welcome back. i’m going to come clean. i crave junk food sometimes, though i’m a health food type of gal. i think we all experience food cravings sometimes. sometime wes just really, really, really want some chocolate. >> what can we do to satisfy these cravings without all the guilt, all the calories? who has the answers? regions hospital rgistered dietician, sina teskey. that’s who. >> i have cravings, to. >> i’ve got a bonus one for you at the end of all this, but we’re going to cover some of the really common ones. the first is chocolate. >> that’s mine. >> it’s every day for >> you want to go dark chocolate, because then you don’t have the milk fat. i like these trader joe’s ones. they have 100-calorie servings. it’s got dark chocolate, antioxidants, and it’s only 100 calories. >> instead of just having a little square of chocolate you feel like you’re having a whole candy bar.



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