Healthy Food Swaps

Healthy food swaps
magazine, they feature a few healthy food flops that will have the same taste, same consistency, but half the calories. sue perry is here with a few examples, ones that will surprise a lot of people. >> they surprised me. >> these are things we should be looking for in the supermarket, staples that do not take a lot a lotof time to figure out. instead of using heavy cream, what should we be swapping that out with? >> evaporated milk, something my grandmother used to have on the shelf. everything that heavy cream can do, evaporated milk can do, to, and it even whips if it’s really chilled. what you’re going to be doing is saving over half the calories and fat. two grams of fat for a half a cup. the same half a cup for heavy cream, that’s 40 grams of fat. >> i love creamy pasta sauce. all i would have to do is use evaporated milk instead of cream. >> i have to admit i love uses baking choc



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