Healthy Eating Workshop

Healthy eating workshop
i like bacon. you are in the right place today. >> it is fitness week. we are talking about creating healthy habits. so many parents do not know where to begin. we have the healthy family partnership. welcome. we talked earlier about small changes you can make that make a big difference. i’d wonder if parents know it is possible to do. what are some things we can do. >> it is about making the small changes in your routine so you do not feel overwhelmed. such as portion sizes. that is a big thing. we encourage families to take half of what they get and put it in a box. do not get seconds. planning meals so you don’t make poor choices and go through the drive through. planning snacks, carrots, yogurt, cashews. >> taking some time in the beginning can pay off. talk about portion size. childhood obesity is a big problem. >> that is something i found with the families i am working on it now.



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