Healthy Eating Resolutions

Plan ahead and keep things ready to go.
of us are already having a hard time keeping our resolutions, especially when it comes to our diet. cbs 21’s jaime meyers is with the cumberland county mobile newsroom in camp hill with help from the experts on healthy eating. sylvia warner, a dietician with giant food stores, says set yourself up for success at the grocery store. start by shopping the perimeter for the healthiest foods. then plan ahead the snacks and lunches you nt to bring to work. it can be done quite econically, keeping things in the pantry read and portioning them out. that’s really important and only take that much with you. to make it easier on yourself, cook a meal that can be used several times, like this turkey chili that can be eaten by itself, or over some wheat chips for a taco salad, or over a baked potato sylvia also recommends turning to the internet for creative and convenient ideas. just type in a coupl



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