Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating
as day, figuring out if something is healthy and cost efficient is another story. foods that claim to be one thing are often quite another. 10 on your side health reporter stephanie haris went shoping with an expert to de-code the mysteries of the market. steph, what can we learn. tom, in our economy everyone is trying to save and eating healthy– and that can be expensive. so here are some ways to make every peny count. (shot grabbing sale flyer) smart shoping starts before you hit the door. c1 0:13 come with a plan know pretty much what you;re going to buy before you get here :18 virginia cooperative extension agent johanna hahn says in produce you pay les and get more nutrients chosing local and colorful. c3 6:03 the darker the vegetable or vibrant the more vitamins and minerals :09 darker is also healthier for red meat. c18 16:34 well, you know that the lighter the meat the more fat



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