Healthy Cooking With The NAACP

Cooking Healthy with Chef Lucky and the NAACP
qualifying bundle plans… when you switch from cable. hey. at&t. your world. delivered. >> all right, listen to this. the naacp justt celebrated 100 years of service and their dedication to the community continues. now they’re gearing up for the naacp health expo. >> this is something they want the community to be a part of, they’re expecting a packed house. children’s activities, live entertainment, free continental breakfast. it is all about the breakfast. >> are you feeling lucky sonia baghdady? >> i am today because we have chef lucky in the hou today. >> talk about what you’re making us today because it is all about what you’re taking. >> today a salmon with red peppers and multigrains. it is real quick, five-minute meal, kid friendly and very health conscious. >> that is a good thing, healthy. >> exactly. >> and we need to move in that direction now. >> there has been a lot of



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