Healthy Comfort Foods

Nutritionist Meg O’Rourke joined The Rhode Show to talk about healthy comfort foods.
sun in theh s aftern oon. i’ll have your w eekend future cast for you coming up later onn in the show. >> sometimes eating rite ca nti seem overw helming, especially in times of high shtress, you’re always on the move, but here tero figure it out is meghann o’rourke. we’re on a mission toto get me slim. the producers think i’m a little chunky and you’re going to help me out. one of my favorite things is pizza. where am i goingwh wrong? >> to slices of s pizza from a local pizza restaurant iss generally going to be aboutt 1300 c aloriess and 50 grams of fat. now one thing you can do is stay with your favorite pizza restaurant and ask for halffo the cheese, lots of veggies and go thin crust. the other choice, which i like also, isal the frozen preportioned leaner pizzas. >> lien cuisine.>> >> right. there’s even a stop and shop brand. these are going to be 300 to 400 calories with only 7ri



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