Healthy & Cheap – Tuesday’s Recipes

Healthy & Cheap – Tuesday’s Recipes
it’s marinated and grilled to perfection… for that five-star, fall-off-the-bone taste. now try new kentucky grilled chicken… in a 2-piece meal for just $3.99! taste the unfried side of kfc. spreading. the number of cases in the united states is 50. in mexico the virus has killed more than 152. dozens of ips teachers could soon be on the unemployment line. we’ll have a preview of the school board meeting and what the board may decide. firefighters want homeowners to be careful this time of year. they’ve responded to several mulch fires over the last several days. randy mentioned that problem to us yesterday. no rain or problems like that outside it’s soaking outside. >> coming down, national weather service reporting over an inch alone since midnight. let’s check out radar. we’re going to see dead rain for two hours and it may taper off to showers and showers as the day goes by. zoom



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