Healthy & Cheap: Thursday’s Recipes

Healthy & Cheap: Thursday’s Recipes
it’s marinated and grilled to perfection… for that five-star, fall-off-the-bone taste. now try new kentucky grilled chicken… in a 2-piece meal for just $3.99! taste the unfried side of kfc. visual audio captioning, inc. www.visualaudiocaptioning.com >> welcome. this is “daybreak” for thursday, april 30th. lawmaks must come become for a special session. they failed to agree on a state budget last night. we’ll have the latest on why they did not come to an agreement before the deadline. indiana joins more states in reported cases of swine flu. see what the county is doing to clear up confusion about the disease. the mini-marathon expo gets under way. we’re live downtown as athletes get ready for the big event this weekend. we’ll check in with randy on the weather and on into the weekend we’ll be looking for. rainy, rainy, rainy, randy. >> looks that way scott. several rounds of rain, t



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