Healthy Breakfast Tips From Gold’s Gym

Skipping breakfast can make your biological age as much as 3 years older than physical age.
what h ave you got in the kitchen he going on for us? >> actually, we have three different kinds offf breakfastskf here, we have nancy fromwe gold’s gym and we have a healthy breakfast,ea a so so brefast and a breakfast that maybe you want to go to the cardiologist with afterward. noel had thi hss premonition, he 8 waffles, went to bed and said iid didn’t feel’tl any good. what happened? >> we got a waffle maker forer christmas, of afterwards, we took naps, an we said why did we fall asleep, because the waffles weren’ t the bestes thing. >> >> tell me what youat came up with real quick. >> we’re going toin make t m breakfasts that aret alternativesltti with fruit, you can put higher fiber instead of suing hard, more nutritious things. some will havee more calories than the others. >> right.>> r >> we look forward to it. when we come bacmek, we’ll startk, doing it. and nancy, you’re going



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