Healthy And Cheap – Pasta Salad

Healthy and Cheap – Pasta salad
road u.s. u.s. 31 northbound at 246th street in hamilton county. >> thank you so much. “daybreak” is going healthy and cheap all week showing you how to make dinner feeding a family of four for under $20. joing us is butler university executive chef scott taupe. chef, in our last hour of “daybreak” on wish-tv you made us a dinner using pasta. >> two-pound pasta, made four pounds, set aside for the dinner today the other half for a salad. >> you’re going to make the pasta salad for lunch the next day. >> took our pasta, took fresh green onion, fresh basil, diced tomatoes. >> green onion, fresh basil add up to a lot of money? >> not really. the green onions are fairly inexpensive, the tomatoes are fairly inexpensive. >> which we used for our dinner dish. >> we’re going to sludge a little bit on the basil. fresh basil is a little bit pricey, if you buy the bag right, we spent half for dinne



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